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Key: f-friend/person I know, M-United Methodist, p-progressive, a-focus on authenticity, G-green/earth friendly, S-social justice and sustainability w-empowering women


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  1. A retired UMC pastor, I served 4 churches in the Troy Conference before I moved to the Detroit Conference to be closer to my family.

    Upon retirement, I began a website that offers, without charge, powerpoint images based on the lectionary, plus other categories, such as worship titles, holidays, special events, etc.

    I have recently added Sermon Notes with corresponding images. The comments are based on the scriptural text for the week as it relates to contemporary life.

    Love your website. Outstanding! Would appreciate being included as a link. Thanks. Dorothy Okray

  2. Just read the email I wrote and realize I did not include the name of the website: CHURCH PowerPoint. Address: Between 5000 to 6000 churches worldwide log in every week. Thanks. Dorothy Okray

  3. Becca,
    I’ve been thinking I should bring up Haiti lately. I have been thinking some about the cholera epidemic and somehow found or was sent info about LifeStraw. Of course there are other needs and projects in Haiti as well.

  4. Does the United Methodist Church have any Haiti missions/works going?
    I don’t attend at Trinity regularly but I thought I could at least bring it up here.

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