Sermon: Martha, Martha, Martha

"Martha, Martha, Martha" (July 21, 2019) This perpetually challenging text features two sisters-- one who is doing all the work, and one who is just sitting there! You'll never guess which one Jesus praises. But why exactly does he critique Martha, when she is doing the work and service to which she has been called?… Continue reading Sermon: Martha, Martha, Martha

Sermon: As Yourself

"As Yourself" (July 14, 2019) Jesus tells us, “Love your neighbor as yourself”—but what if you don’t love yourself? How do we begin with compassion for ourselves, and love ourselves as we love our neighbors? (As we read Luke 10:25-37, I invited people to imagine themselves in the role of the person in need of compassion)

Series: Challenging Texts and Topics

Challenging Texts & Topics For this summer, members of the congregation were invited to submit their questions and challenges. Is there a story in the Bible or a saying of Jesus that confuses or unsettles you? Something you don't like , don't understand, or wish you could hear explored in a message? Sermons in this… Continue reading Series: Challenging Texts and Topics

Series: Sacred Earth, Sacred Work

Sacred earth, Sacred work What if we lived life truly connected to the origins of Creation and the Creator? In the beginning God created all things and called them “good.” Beginning just after Earth Day, our spring worship series, “Sacred Earth, Sacred Work,” invites us into the reverence and care for all of God’s creation.… Continue reading Series: Sacred Earth, Sacred Work

The UMC and Multi-Party Negotiation

I'm taking weeklong seminar at the Kellogg School of Management (which I love) called "Constructive Collaboration," and a big portion of yesterday and today focused on negotiating team decisions or conflicts within an organization. I had several brain-exploding moments thinking about The UMC, which prompted me to exclaim "church: we are doing this all wrong!"… Continue reading The UMC and Multi-Party Negotiation