Petition to GC2020: Trust Clause in the case of Successor Entities

I’m working on some legislation, and would love the input from other minds! Comments? Suggestions? (Im)Perfections?


Motion: Amend ¶2501.1 by adding a new paragraph following the first paragraph (which currently ends “from their connection with the entire worldwide Church.”)

This trust requirement must be maintained by The United Methodist Church and its successor denominations, institutions, and entities. In the event that an incorporated conference, agency, or organization of the denomination withdraws from or is removed from the denomination, that entity and its successor will retain responsibility to hold and administer the real and personal, tangible, and intangible property held or administered prior to withdrawal.

Rationale: The Trust Clause is an essential element of the polity of The UMC, but does not anticipate or account for successor movements or denominations, which may arise as the Spirit moves the church forward.

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