Series: Challenging Texts and Topics

which-way-1549661Challenging Texts & Topics

For this summer, members of the congregation were invited to submit their questions and challenges. Is there a story in the Bible or a saying of Jesus that confuses or unsettles you? Something you don’t like , don’t understand, or wish you could hear explored in a message?

Sermons in this Series: 

June 16, Holy Trickery– Does the End Justify the Means?: God’s tricksters in Genesis (Genesis 25 & 27)

June 23, Careful What You Wish For!– The people demand—and God grants—a king (1 Samuel 8)

June 30, Look Up– When God asks the Impossible: the binding/sacrifice of Isaac in Genesis 22

July 7, Free to Be– Free for what? What does it mean that “Jesus sets us free?” (Galatians 5:1, 13-25)

July 14, As Yourself– “Love your neighbor as yourself”—but what if you don’t love yourself? (Luke 10:25-37)

July 21, Martha, Martha, Martha- Martha and Mary: Does Jesus really praise the lazy sister? (Luke 10:38-42)

(July 28- Praise in the Park; Aug 4- VBA celebration)

Aug 11- Child-like, not childish, faith: Re-understanding the beloved myths of the Hebrew Bible

Aug 18- What is the point of Intercessory prayer? Are we trying to change God’s mind or give God’s power a boost?

Aug 25-  (still in process)

Sept 1- Holy and Unholy anger: of fig trees and temple tables

Sept 8-  “Forgive and Forget”

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