The UMC and Multi-Party Negotiation

I'm taking weeklong seminar at the Kellogg School of Management (which I love) called "Constructive Collaboration," and a big portion of yesterday and today focused on negotiating team decisions or conflicts within an organization. I had several brain-exploding moments thinking about The UMC, which prompted me to exclaim "church: we are doing this all wrong!"… Continue reading The UMC and Multi-Party Negotiation

Series: Listen.

Listen. Have you ever misplaced your phone–which is on vibrate of course–and then asked someone to call it? We get really still and really quiet. Our ears perk up in all directions in order to be ready to hear that little buzz. It is a quieting down and high alert all at the same time.… Continue reading Series: Listen.

General Conference media

Here is a compiled list of my comments and reflections at/after General Conference: An article in the Valley News, where both Sean and I were interviewed after General Conference. I gave an interview on New England Public Radio, which you can listen to here. I gave a slightly more raw statement to our Conference communication director… Continue reading General Conference media