Series: Roll Down, Justice!

Roll Down promo smLenten Series: Roll Down, Justice! 

“let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.”
        – Amos 5:24

Lent is a season of remembering who we are called to be in this world, and renewing our baptismal identity. In the early church, it was a time of preparation for new believers and rededication to the Gospel message.

Worship alone is not enough; our prayer, praise, and song must move us to action, seeking transformation in our own lives and the life of the world. Otherwise, our worship becomes empty, and as the prophet Amos reminds us, God will look away from empty offerings and shallow festivals. But if we attune ourselves to God’s calling, then we produce an offering acceptable to God: justice flowing like waterfalls, righteousness rolling like an endless stream.

In our worship this Lent, we will hear and be moved by the powerful music of Mark Miller, we will be connected to our identity as God’s claimed and baptized children, and we will be inspired to live so that our lives proclaim God’s justice, righteousness, and love.

What prejudices are we challenged to “give up” this Lent? How will we be moved to “give” of ourselves to the world? Where will this journey take you, as the current of God’s love sweeps you along?

Our adult Sunday School class will be using resources from the General Commission on Religion and Race’s Lenten Study by the same name– you are invited to join the study, Sunday mornings at 9 a.m., and/or you can learn more about this study and Mark’s music in it at the Religion and Race website for Roll Down Justice.

Sermons in this Series: 
February 18 – Nothing Can Separate You
(Child of God)
February 25 – Planting Seeds of Justice,
Guest Preacher (How Long?)
March 3 – Make it So
(I Dream of a Church)
March 11 – Choosing Love
(I Choose Love)
March 18 –
(God Has Work for Us to Do)
March 25 – Palm Sunday
(The Day is Coming)
April 1 – A New World, Easter

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