Sermon: Let (it) Go

"Let (it) Go- Leaving Behind what We Don't Need" (May 21, 2017) Sometimes, too much change, even good change, like leaving behind oppression in Egypt, or like God conquering death in Jesus Christ, can throw us off balance. It can be hard to let go of the past, no matter what that past is like.… Continue reading Sermon: Let (it) Go

Sermon: Unwrap & Unfold- Unbound

"Unwrap & Unfold- Unbound" (May 14, 2017) An emerging butterfly-- or human child-- is strengthened by the process of breaking free. Much as we might wish we could save our children from hardship, and much as God might wish to save us, God's children, from hardship, the struggle is part of what strengthens us so… Continue reading Sermon: Unwrap & Unfold- Unbound