Sermon: Re-Form- Leaving Comfortable Places

"Re-Form- Leaving Comfortable Places" (April 23, 2017) The more we learn about butterflies (and moths) and the process of metamorphosis, the better it preaches about the transformations of the Christian life. Tombs, cocoons (or chrysalises), wombs, and locked rooms may seem like safe places, but instead are the places where Jesus finds us. Like the… Continue reading Sermon: Re-Form- Leaving Comfortable Places

To Bishop KO with Love

Next week, the Judicial Council of The United Methodist Church will rule on cases concerning out LGBTQ clergy in the denomination. While the outcome of these cases will certainly have a huge impact on the global UMC, no matter what that outcome is, I'm distressed by the mischaracterization of what the cases address. The Judicial… Continue reading To Bishop KO with Love

Sermon: Emerge- Tombs & Cocoons

"Emerge- Tombs & Cocoons" (April 16, 2017 - Easter) You'd never suspect that a cocoon would hold a butterfly, and yo would certainly never suspect that a tomb might hold a risen Savior. Yet, God is full of surprises, and the Easter season beckons us to break free from all that confines us, spread our… Continue reading Sermon: Emerge- Tombs & Cocoons