Sermon: Glimpses of Mortality

"Glimpses of Mortality" (February 21, 2016) When a woman, sometimes named as Mary, and sometimes without a name, anoints Jesus with oil, she reveals many things about Jesus himself. Her own act, transgressing boundaries, prophetically foreshadowing, and deeply vulnerable and loving, mirrors Christ's actions among us. (John 12:1-8) “Poured Out” monologues for Lent by Dr.… Continue reading Sermon: Glimpses of Mortality

Sermon: Poured Out (introduction)

"Poured Out" (February 14, 2016) As we enter Lent, we prepare to receive God's great gift of presence, poured out for us. This Lent, we will use the lens of many elements poured out and hear the stories of the people who would have surrounded Jesus during his last week on earth. (Luke 4:1-13) This… Continue reading Sermon: Poured Out (introduction)