Sermon: Gathered in the Name

"Gathered in the Name" (October 4, 2015) In some ways saving the best for last, we reflect on how the Beloved Community is centered on Christ, gathered together in his name and living lives modeled after his example.¬†(1 Corinthians 11:23-28, 33;¬†Luke 24:13-32) --- "Beloved Community: How the People of God Create Community" is an original… Continue reading Sermon: Gathered in the Name

Sermon: Standing in the River

"Standing in the River" (September 27, 2015) In a message inspired by and based upon the Bible studies of Rev. Grace Imathiu at RMN/MFSA's Convocation "Gather at the River," we remember and commit to the need to hold space for one another. We will stand in the river and wait with love, until all people… Continue reading Sermon: Standing in the River