Broken Circles, Shattered Hope

Every time someone sidesteps or over-steps the marginalized, every time someone stifles holy conversation or the ministry of lay persons, every time someone uses the order given us not to guide and protect but to circumvent and then consolidate power and privilege, every time someone allows prayer or a call to follow Jesus to be hurtful rather than to build up the body, I will be there-- objecting, amending, opining, and advocating. Every. Time.

Sermon: Embarrassingly Out There

"Embarrassingly Out There" (May 31, 205) We do not usually feel comfortable talking about our faith. Maybe like Jesus' family, trying to reign him in when he started preaching and healing all over the place, we feel over-exposed. But when we do share and listen about our church in this community, the response is overall… Continue reading Sermon: Embarrassingly Out There

Sermon: Wind, Water, Flame

"Wind, Water, Flame" (May 24, 2015, Pentecost) We talk about the Holy Spirit in curious ways-- ways that perhaps betray our discomfort with it's unpredictable, life-shaking nature. Are we ready to let the Spirit shake us up, let it rock us? (Acts 2:1-6, 12-21) --- (money shot for those who want to hear me sing at… Continue reading Sermon: Wind, Water, Flame