3 thoughts on “ReBlog- A Call for In-Home Separation”

  1. Thanks for the thoughts. The average pew sitter may not know much of this. Those who are veteran AC attenders may have a clue. I like your ideas here. It sounds like about just one year’s planning to come up with a GC proposal that will fly and sell. Good luck. Will you be there?

  2. An “in-home separation” is what the Jurisdictional Option presents. Your proposal assumes a unified annual conference in each place. But many annual conferences are traditionalist in majority or else split. In order to be effective, the presence and ministry of traditionalists and evangelicals needs to be respected. Allowing a U.S. “central conference” to ordain practicing gays and lesbians and perform same-sex weddings would only alienate traditionalists in the U.S.

    The Jurisdictional Option sets up two different jurisdictions within the U.S., with each having their own “volume 2” of the Discipline. That seems to me more fair and equal, respecting both perspectives. Could you support such a proposal?

    BTW, traditionalists and evangelicals consider the shutting down of General Conference and manipulative “dialogues” to be abusive and bullying, as well. Any “in-home separation” would have to contain an agreement to protect against what either perspective sees as abusive.

  3. I have been thinking about the situation in our beloved United Methodist Church quite a bit of late, especially the two complete different visions as to what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

    In quite a few other endeavors of life, especially within business and industry, there is an emphasis on the idea of Win-Win. I would think that for the Church, where our emphasis is on the relationship between humans and God, and human to human, that Win-Win is more important. I hope that our delegates to General Conference next year can have that in mind, and somehow come up with something that both theological conservatives and theological progressives can consider a win. To me, I am drawn to the idea of separate Jurisdictions for our Progressive and Conservative kin, and maybe that is the way we can have an in-house separation. I am praying that there is not a bitter split next year.

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