Sermon: When Did We See You?

"When Did We See You?" (November 23, 2014) Jesus praises those righteous ones, who extend care to the hurting, hungry, sick, and suffering, because in so doing, they have offered care to him. However, they are surprised to earn this praise, because they were not consciously looking for Jesus, only doing "the right thing." Many… Continue reading Sermon: When Did We See You?

Sermon: Saints, Sinners, Servants

"Saints, Sinners, Servants"  (November 2, 2014) As we hear and hear again the blessings of those we might not expect, we celebrate the lives and legacies of those saints (imperfect though they may be) and servants, and yes sinners like us, who have touched and shaped our lives. A tribute to the saints and loved… Continue reading Sermon: Saints, Sinners, Servants