Sermon: Something Fishy

"Something Fishy" (Jan 26, 2014) Some things are harder than they might seem at first (like keeping goldfish alive--whyyyy?). Perhaps it sounds easy to "make disciples" or share faith or live the Christian life, but it is hard. The good news is that we are not called to walk solo journeys. (Matthew 4:12-23)

Let the penalty fix the “crime”

Here we go again... A month after the Board of Ordained Ministry in Pennsylvania stripped Rev. Frank Schaefer of his ordination credentials for officiating at his son's wedding and refusing to state he would follow the entirety of the Book of Discipline in the future, the United Methodist Church is back at it again. The… Continue reading Let the penalty fix the “crime”

Sermon: Love is Born, Ready or Not!

"Love is Born, Ready or Not!" (Dec 24, 2013 - Christmas Eve) Into our lives where sorrow and loneliness lurk, into the life of the world, where love was least expected, God's presence breaks in. Christmas is not about celebrating Jesus' birthday-- or at least not primarily about that. First and foremost it is a… Continue reading Sermon: Love is Born, Ready or Not!