Sermon: Christmas Miracles and Mystery Grumps

"Christmas Miracles and Mystery Grumps" (December 22, 2013) One last sermon in a series about how love breaks into our lives. This time, it's my story. God surprised me with love; Christmas came early this year for me, and opened my heart, bringing me joy. May you be surprised by love as well. (Matthew 1:18-25,… Continue reading Sermon: Christmas Miracles and Mystery Grumps

We Are Here.

I'm thinking of a Dr. Seuss story about Whos today. No, not How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Although I'm feeling particularly non-Christmassy at the moment. Let's start there. Remember Rev. Frank Schaefer? He's the United Methodist pastor from Pennsylvania who officiated for the wedding of his son and his son's husband in 2007, only to… Continue reading We Are Here.

Sermon: Christmas is Coming, George Bailey!

"Christmas is Coming, George Bailey!" (December 15, 2013) George Bailey is at the end of his rope, unable to see a way forward, when Hope breaks into his life, against all odds. Can we learn from his story that hope can enter again, in unlikely places and through unlikely people, and to respond with compassion… Continue reading Sermon: Christmas is Coming, George Bailey!

Sermon: Christmas is Coming, Ebenezer Scrooge!

"Christmas is Coming, Ebenezer Scrooge!" (December 8, 2013) Bah Humbug! Ebenezer Scrooge's name is synonymous with being stingy and mean and hating Christmas. He seems quite happy with his life, but he has no peace, because he does not live with justice. That Christmas spirit can't be contained, however; Scrooge sees some glimpses of his… Continue reading Sermon: Christmas is Coming, Ebenezer Scrooge!

Sermon: Christmas is Coming, Mr. Grinch

"Christmas is Coming, Mr. Grinch!" (December 1, 2013) The Grinch, alone and angry, despised the whole Christmas season-- until love broke into his life and he found his heart growing three sizes. Can God really break in to our cold-hearted loneliness? (Isaiah 2:1-5) Before the sermon, I played a clip similar to this from the… Continue reading Sermon: Christmas is Coming, Mr. Grinch