Sermon: Free and Fearless


(October 6, 2013) So often we worry about the worst case scenarios, and work ourselves up imagining how bad things can be. Instead, God reminds us of our faith, and the spirit of courage we can draw from that. (2 Timothy 17:5-10)

It’s been edited out, but my three year old totally had a tantrum right in the middle of the sermon and I lost all coherence. Not my best moment or sermon by far. The joys of single parenting…

1 thought on “Sermon: Free and Fearless”

  1. Everyone (once in a while) has a really HORRIBLE, BAD, NO GOOD DAY! Some of us have had weeks, months, even years like that. Will was just illustrating the plight of the dissatisfied Hebrew children as they wandered in the wilderness. “My feet hurt! When’re we gonna eat? Where’re we gonna sleep? Are there snakes? Is there always this much sand? I wanna go home to Egypt!” You, Becca, were playing the part of Moses. it’s difficult to preach when a whole people is complaining, murmuring, and just plain grousing. Will was just doing his part in the Biblical drama.

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