Embodiment and Authenticity (Talking Taboo)

Over a year ago, I wrote an essay for an amazing compilation, Talking Taboo: American Christian Women Get Frank About Faith (Erin Lane & Enuma Okoro, eds), which officially launches today. I'm overjoyed to be included in this book, a huge collaborative effort, and looking at the other authors I'm humbled and a little confused… Continue reading Embodiment and Authenticity (Talking Taboo)

Sermon: Singing God’s Songs

"Singing God's Songs" (October 13, 2013) It's a given that the world is not what we'd like it to be, or even what we think God would want it to be. Our question is what to do with that. Do we hang our harps on the willow branches as the Psalmist suggests, or stake our… Continue reading Sermon: Singing God’s Songs