RMN Convocation- What I Loved

Earlier this month, I attended Reconciling Ministries Network's biennial Convocation. This year's event, Churchquake!, was held over Labor Day Weekend (hey, I'm trying to fit my thoughts in within the statute of limitations window!) in Chevy Chase, MD, and despite my long love affair with RMN, this was my first time attending Convo. I loved… Continue reading RMN Convocation- What I Loved

Sermon: When 1 > 99

"When 1 > 99" (September 15, 2013) In our logical, utilitarian understandings of the world, God's mathematics don't make much sense; surely, the needs of the many must outweigh the needs of the few (where have I heard that before?)! Instead, we are called to seek out and reach out to the most vulnerable in… Continue reading Sermon: When 1 > 99

Every year on this date, I thank God for Kathe Darr

It was the second full day of classes in the fall 2001 semester at Boston University School of Theology. The basement lecture hall was filled with first year graduate students, cut off from the sunlight and the outside world for the duration of the 9 am church history class. These were the days before smartphones… Continue reading Every year on this date, I thank God for Kathe Darr