Sermon: Divine Teamwork

"Divine Teamwork" (May 26, 2013) The idea of God as Trinity is complex and hard to make sense of. Ultimately, I think it's unimportant-- unless it can tell us something about God and something about how we are to live. I think it does this: by describing God as complex and in relationship and community,… Continue reading Sermon: Divine Teamwork

The Great Divorce: Tension and Schism in the UMC

This blog post is part of a synchblog today on the topic of schism in the UMC. Please share your thoughts here, on the DreamUMC website, on your blog or facebook page, and tonight at 9 pm eastern on Twitter as we chat together. ----- Sadly, I have recent experience with splitting up. It's not… Continue reading The Great Divorce: Tension and Schism in the UMC

In Loving Tension (of Ogletree, McLee, and the UMC)

I get headline notifications on my smartphone from both NBC news and the AP. This means that I can have Olympic results spoiled, know who won a country music award for music I dislike, and be in the know about the deaths of celebrities I've never heard of, all in nearly real time (which is… Continue reading In Loving Tension (of Ogletree, McLee, and the UMC)

Sermon: God’s Gardening

"God's Gardening" (May 5, 2013) The Biblical story is filled with gardens, always conveying humanity's flourishing-- or lack thereof-- as we seek to live before God and with one another. Although we may feel like we have been cut off from the blessing and abundance all around us, the story is not complete; the story… Continue reading Sermon: God’s Gardening