Sermon: The Songs of Herod, Rachael, and Mary

"The Songs of Herod, Rachael, and Mary" (December 16, 2012) In the aftermath of the shooting in Newtown, CT, what does it mean to hear again Mary's song of hope and thanksgiving in the face of King Herod's murderous jealousy? Are we bold enough to sing songs of praise with her? (Luke 1:46-55, Matthew 2:16-18)… Continue reading Sermon: The Songs of Herod, Rachael, and Mary

Sermon: Waiting (now with more hope!)

"Waiting (now with more hope!)" (December 9, 2012) Waiting is never easy, and becomes more difficult the deeper our present darkness and the more wonderful the thing for which we wait. In the midst of the agony and anticipation of waiting for something magnificent (like, say, the end of oppression), can we wait with hope… Continue reading Sermon: Waiting (now with more hope!)

Sermon: Dwelling in Darkness

"Dwelling in Darkness" (December 2, 2012) Before we rush to celebrate the light that is coming into the world, we pause to first take sock of the darkness in ourselves and in the world around us. The powerful stories of the Advent and Christmas season are not always easy to hear, and for those of… Continue reading Sermon: Dwelling in Darkness

Resetting an Open Holiday Table

as posted on the Reconciling Ministries Network blog Family legend tells that the year after my parents separated, my mom faced the prospect of her first Thanksgiving alone. She accepted an invitation to the home of a friend, and my family and I have been spending alternating Thanksgiving holidays with them ever since, adding spouses… Continue reading Resetting an Open Holiday Table