Sermon: Inspirations of the Heart

“Inspirations of the Heart”

(November 11, 2012) God invites us always to dream and vision and be inspired by the Spirit. What visions speak to your heart? (Joel 2:25-32)

1 thought on “Sermon: Inspirations of the Heart”

  1. We met last week. I’m the guy with long ‘crasy’ black hair with the Greenhouse -to-be Trailer House which Todd Marlow at Covenant Hills by Cabot thought would be a worthy project.

    The farmer who was giving it had a personality clash, I suppose, with moi And a daffy, former cop(as he identified himself) neighbor joined the ‘lynch mob’ and ejected me from the project. ( farmer with 10!! Offspring objected to me staying in the trailer while I attempted to work out the detail of the Move)

    I know, Too Much Information, Becca!

    But I have given it all to a “respectable-looking” chap from Maine. Maybe he can start it up again. If Dave Murphy is back on the scene, perhaps you could connect them? I will send Damon’s info in a moment. (he is from Maine and strongly supports the Eco-village, health-food, co-op effort!)

    Stefan/Mordecai 786-314-6011

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