Sermon: Embracing the Whirlwind

"Embracing the Whirlwind" (October 14, 2012) When Job undergoes tremendous suffering, his experience evokes questions about God's goodness, and poses challenges to the tidy, confining categories we try to place on the world and the Divine. God's response, finally, calls Job and us into a wider vision beyond categories and into holy creativity. (Job 38:1-18,… Continue reading Sermon: Embracing the Whirlwind

An announcement

Dear partners in ministry at Trinity UMC, and friends, family, and gentle readers, For eleven years, Benjamin and I have shared the journey of marriage. We’ve laughed and cried, weathered struggles and triumphs, and parented two magnificent children, Arianna and William. Like any relationship, however, ours had some difficulties within, and we entered individual and… Continue reading An announcement

Sermon: Are You One of Us?

"Are You One of Us?" (October 7, 2012) Jesus reminds his disciples that anyone who does God's work of compassion is "one of us." This World Communion Sunday, with whom do we stand in ministry together? (Mark 9:38-50) With thanksgiving for the Angels who witnessed at Matthew Shepherd's funeral fourteen years ago this week and… Continue reading Sermon: Are You One of Us?