Diary of a Delegate: Jurisdictional What?

Howdy folks! After an early summer hiatus of laziness self care, I'm getting ready to head out next week to the 2012 Northeastern Jurisdictional Conference. The what? Jurisdictional Conferences-- those regional gatherings of delegates from several annual conferences-- are like the poor, forgotten middle children in some weird family, who actually are the ones holding… Continue reading Diary of a Delegate: Jurisdictional What?

Sermon: Home Town Humility

"Home Town Humility" (July 8, 2012) Jesus is rattled by the undercutting words and actions of the people who once knew him best. Is it possible that our faith in God matters? How do we undercut ourselves, others, and the work of God in the world when we refuse to trust? (Mark 6:1-13) --- soooo… Continue reading Sermon: Home Town Humility