Sermon: Fallen Fragments

"Fallen Fragments" (July 29, 2012) We all are broken. While we may be tempted to focus on the magnitude of the things Jesus does, in God's economy, the broken, fallen fragments are of infinite worth, and add up to more than whatever we started with. If you've been gathered into God's nameless love, will you… Continue reading Sermon: Fallen Fragments

Sermon: Finding Center

"Finding Center" (July 23, 2012) Jesus takes time away-- both by himself and with his closest friends-- to reconnect to God and center himself so that he can do his ministry in the world. We too need time, using whatever tools work for us, to find our center (Mark 6:30-34, 53-56). ---the irony is not… Continue reading Sermon: Finding Center

We All Have a Dream…

The DreamUMC conversation is more than two months old, and growing in some exciting ways. We are putting words and ideas to action, and finding new partners across denominational lines. Background Coming out of the 2012 General Conference, many delegates, volunteers, and folks who had followed the proceedings from afar looked for a way to… Continue reading We All Have a Dream…

Diary of a Delegate: Jurisdictional What?

Howdy folks! After an early summer hiatus of laziness self care, I'm getting ready to head out next week to the 2012 Northeastern Jurisdictional Conference. The what? Jurisdictional Conferences-- those regional gatherings of delegates from several annual conferences-- are like the poor, forgotten middle children in some weird family, who actually are the ones holding… Continue reading Diary of a Delegate: Jurisdictional What?