Sermon: Grown Together

“Grown Together”

(June 17, 2012) When Jesus tells the story of the weeds sown into the field of wheat, he is reminding us of one of life’s deepest truths: pain and sorrow are intricately woven into our lives alongside joy and blessing and peace. We cannot pull apart these aspects of living, but have to let them grow together. (Matthew 13:24-35)


This sermon also serves as a tribute to my Rent-a-Dad, Jim Egger, with love.
It draws from a blog post of mine, here.

2 thoughts on “Sermon: Grown Together”

  1. Becca!
    Your writing on the lament and Jim Eggers is probably one of my favorites from your blog. When you publish your first book I hope you include this or at least a variation on it. Peace.

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