Link Love – DreamUMC

Here’s a great article about our DreamUMC conversation. Our next chat is in a week: May 28, 9 pm Eastern (not 10 pm, as initially stated in the article).

4 thoughts on “Link Love – DreamUMC”

  1. Yes, a good article, but it looks like they got the time wrong on the next tweetup. Quoting UMNS: “The next tweetup is scheduled at 10 p.m. EST May 28.” (should have been 9 p.m. EDT or if they insist on Standard Time, then 8 p.m. EST) Tried calling them, but the author is out sick today.

  2. In order to move forward, our UMC does indeed need to discuss without feeling the need to change the other person! Excellent point in these chats.

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