Link Love – DreamUMC

Here’s a great article about our DreamUMC conversation. Our next chat is in a week: May 28, 9 pm Eastern (not 10 pm, as initially stated in the article).


4 Responses

  1. Yes, a good article, but it looks like they got the time wrong on the next tweetup. Quoting UMNS: “The next tweetup is scheduled at 10 p.m. EST May 28.” (should have been 9 p.m. EDT or if they insist on Standard Time, then 8 p.m. EST) Tried calling them, but the author is out sick today.

  2. You’re welcome. My “discrepancy detection” tendencies are useful at times, but annoying at others! 🙂

    You might want to pass the “EST vs. EDT etc.” think to Jeremy, as I think that’s where the EST stuff has been coming from:

  3. In order to move forward, our UMC does indeed need to discuss without feeling the need to change the other person! Excellent point in these chats.

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