Video: It’s not a sin to be gay

I was asked by the folks at the Breaking the Silence project to submit my belief in full inclusion for all people as a video. Here’s the link to that video:

It’s not a sin to be gay (full length)

(I also edited a shorter version, for those who don’t have 9 and a half minutes right now)

2 thoughts on “Video: It’s not a sin to be gay”

  1. I’m sorry, but to claim that the UMC’s position is “counter to the Gospel” is simply not accurate.

    1 Corinthians 6:9-10, for example, says that “both participants in same-sex intercourse” will not inherit God’s kingdom. It doesn’t say “only if the sex was violent or coerced or abusive”. It doesn’t say “this only refers to soldiers who rape or older men praying upon young boys”. It wouldn’t specify “both participants” if one participant were an unwilling victim.

    Of course, it would be “wrong to force homosexuals into living a heterosexual life”. Nobody would dispute that, but how does that mean they should marry and be ordained as the leaders of the Church?

    The UMC has certainly not “walked away from the Gospel”. Our position is Scriptural and has never changed. It isn’t a sin to be gay – God calls us to love all people – but the PRACTICE is sin and is clearly incompatible with the Bible and Christian teaching.

  2. you’ve dealt with a very difficult subject in a very gentle way. I’ve struggled talking about this a lot. I don’t want to come close to sounding like I “judge” those with whom I disagree on this topic. I finally decided a long time ago to stop answering the question on whether or not I think or believe “it” is sinful or not. It’s the wrong question IMHO. Whether homosexuality or homosexual “behavior” is sinful or not, we are ALL sinful. So, for me the question to deal with is…”now what?” How do we treat ALL the sinners (including me the preacher lol) among us?

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