Sermon: I’m a Creationist!

“I’m a Creationist!”

(it’s not what you think…)

(April 22, 2012) Scripture teaches us the importance of caring for all of creation as God’s good gift. This is never at odds with our work for social justice for the poor and oppressed, but an integral part of it. We give thanks for the earth this Earth Day. (Leviticus 25:1-12)

In preparation, I read (and therefore frequently cite) the essays at the front of The Green Bible. Great read.

How come your DS always comes for a surprise visit on the day you’ve spent most of the week prepping for General Conference, not crafting a perfectly postmodern worship service? Love you anyway, Brigid!

1 thought on “Sermon: I’m a Creationist!”

  1. We are to honor ALL the works of His hands–of which Creation is a major portion! We should be good stewards of ALL that He has given us on this earth.

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