Diary of a Delegate: End– or Beginning– in Sight

General Conference logo, United Methodist Communications

It’s my last official day of work before General Conference. The phone is ringing constantly with church work and with people calling delegates for last minute legislative pitches. It’s actually kind of fun in a strange, stressful way.

Here online, I want to give another thanks to UM Insight for reposting my thoughts on bullying (my original post). Nice to be once again sharing space with my buddy Jeremy, too. Looking forward to seeing you in Tampa!

On the home front, my 21 month old son has a massive infection in his eyes, ears, and sinuses. Nothing like leaving one’s partner with a sick kid. I guess Will thought that his dad needed a bigger challenge at single parenting. He’ll have some grandparent assistance, but it really takes a village to raise kids, especially when they keep getting sick, and Mommie is jetting off to Florida for a couple of weeks.

The next person who tells me to “enjoy the vacation” is going to get laughed at in a most cynical fashion.

Extrovert that I am, I am mostly looking forward to connecting and reconnecting with friends from around the country and around the world. If you haven’t met me before, in heels I’m almost 6′, and I’ll be carrying a bright red laptop bag and whenever plausible wearing hot pink ally-fabulous Darren Criss sunglasses, hanging around the MFSA tabernacle, and advocating tirelessly for justice, inclusion, tenderness, and love. I should be hard to miss.

At least that’s my intention.

6 thoughts on “Diary of a Delegate: End– or Beginning– in Sight”

  1. I should rock enormous sunglasses at events, rather than saying “I’m the 6′ tall brunette in the gray suit”. You totally have that look down.

    Find the moments of peace and power between the hours of anxiety and stress. Love you!

    1. See that’s what I was thinking.

      Thanks my dear, and I love you too! We’ll have to chat when I get back– I want to hear about your adventures as well.

      ❤ me

  2. Love this light-hearted view of yourself as a delegate! Praying for your son’s rapid healing and for Dad’s and grandparents energy levels! Praying for the conference and all you encounter in pursuit of justice, inclusion, tenderness, and love. Praying for YOU, Becca!

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