Sermon: Unsporting Conduct

“Unsporting Conduct”

(April 15, 2012) We love to celebrate Eater with great fanfare and language and images evocative of military conquest. But Easter is a victory not of might, but of peace. Can we leave our touchdown dances behind, and listen to message of forgiveness? (Luke 23:33-43)

This sermon is heavily indebted to Roger Wolsey’s blog post, “A Kinder, Gentler, more Grown-up Easter.” Thanks, Roger! With apologies to Queen, CeeLo, Lenard Cohen, and anyone who had to hear me sing. Also, if you love the f-word play on words, this video should give you a laugh.

4 thoughts on “Sermon: Unsporting Conduct”

    1. They were an inspiration indeed! Thank you so much for your blog post and your permission to pilfer!

      Kindred spirits definitely rock. Bless,

  1. A kinder, gentler, more mature Easter–this fits in so well with a movement within the UMC, The Confessing Church. Forgiveness and eternal peace mean more and more to me each day in the UMC.

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