Sermon: Now What?

“Now What?”

(April 8, 2012 – Easter) The story of Christ’s resurrection is a good one– but it is only a story if we don’t let it change us and change the world. It takes courage and faith to live in hope, to live as if the resurrection is real. It is, however, the only way to live the resurrection (John 20:1-18).

This sermon draws heavily on this post by Carl Gregg, citing, as he does, Wendell Berry, Clarence Jordan, and Peter Rollins (quote used earlier in the service, but referenced in the sermon). I also mentioned, but did not play, this scene from “The Hunger Games.” Finally, I was influenced this week by Diana Butler-Bass’ column in the Huffington Post, where she suggests that the church needs to answer new questions (ah, this is so very much what I’ve been waning to say and didn’t know how to articulate!), and while I did not reference her, I tried to present my answer to these questions in the content of the sermon.

Happy Easter!

5 thoughts on “Sermon: Now What?”

  1. Hi Becca! I saw your post’s picture and thought it was my own Easter post in the blog reader feed!

    I too posted on Easter but drew from the Emmaus encounter and Jesus’ open ended question of ‘What things?’.

    At any rate, I enjoy your blogging and found you again via Jeremy’s echoes of your musings!

    1. Hi Kirk, great to virtually see you again! I liked your musings on Easter. Thanks for sharing them.


    1. I loved that Diana B-B article! I’m going to post those questions on the wall of my office, and make sure I’m always answering them!


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