Sermon: Heart Transplant

“Heart Transplant”

(March 25, 2012) Submitting oneself to a heart transplant procedure must be a terrifying thing, and submitting ourselves to God’s heart transplant and transformation is also daunting. It requires a death of the old so that something new can be born. Are we ready to have new hearts? (John 12:20-26Psalm 51:1-12, Jeremiah 31:31-34)

4 thoughts on “Sermon: Heart Transplant”

  1. How utterly astounding that He can give us a new heart! Will the new heart beat too strongly and demandingly inside of us? Let us renew our minds and our spirits and respect our bodies as the temple of the Holy Spirit, the temporary housing for the new heart!

    1. I certainly find that “new heart” very demanding whenever I listen to its rhythm! May God bless you!


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