Sermon: Foolishness and Frustration

“Foolishness and Frustration”

(March 18, 2012) In a passage that reveals a great deal of Jesus’ humanity, we see him angered by how far off people can be in their attempts to live lives of faith. This reminds us that there are times and places for righteous anger, and there are many, many places where we are the ones who are foolish, broken, or downright sinful, and we have really missed the mark. (John 2:13-22)

4 thoughts on “Sermon: Foolishness and Frustration”

  1. Very delicate balance between righteous indignation and recognition of our own failings–between properly discerned platforms for standing up for the right and between humbly asking forgiveness and making amends. Both are required, as Our Lord so effectively lived out before us on His time on earth in the flesh.

    1. Thank you for listening and for your comments. I really like this passage because it reminds us that Jesus wasn’t one thing or another, but as you say struck a balance.

      Peace to you,

      PS I love your penguins!

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