Sermon: “Who’s There?”

"Who's There?" (January 22, 2012) Depending on who is calling us, we respond in different ways. Samuel initially doesn't respond to God's call because he doesn't know it's God doing the calling. In our time when perhaps "the Word of the Lord is rare," how do we recognized God's call for what it is, so… Continue reading Sermon: “Who’s There?”


I'm very excited about the iBooks 2 roll out with textbooks. I've been hoping for something like this since the Kindle came out. I see infinite implications for education, particularly. Wealthier districts are already providing each student with a laptop or netbook; it's get on the ball so each student in the country can have… Continue reading iLearning

More on Jesus and Religion – links galore!

I'm pleasantly surprised by the interest in my recent post in response to the "I hate Religion but Love Jesus" video. Thanks for reading, sharing, and commenting, and for linking to your own reflections. In the spirit of fairness and follow-up, Rachel Held Evans drew my attention to this email exchange between the video's creator,… Continue reading More on Jesus and Religion – links galore!

Racial Justice in the Nation’s Second-Whitest State

As we observe a day in celebration and thanksgiving of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I'm thinking about what it means to live in racial justice, and seek the sort of equality among people of all ethnicities that Rev. Dr. King dreamed of. I grew up in and have returned to live in… Continue reading Racial Justice in the Nation’s Second-Whitest State

I love Jesus, but I kinda like religion too

A lot of folks on facebook have been posting links to this video, where political science graduate and non-profit worker Jefferson Bethke seeks to "highlight the difference between Jesus and false religion" (text of video description). Mr. Bethke is a self-proclaimed healed pornography addict, and attends the Federal Way campus of Mars Hill Church (dot… Continue reading I love Jesus, but I kinda like religion too

Sermon: The Thirteenth Day of Christmas

"The Thirteenth Day of Christmas" (Jan 8, 2012 - observing Epiphany) The Christmas season does not end on December 26, nor can it be contained to one place, one time, one people. Christmas-- and its message of God's presence with us, our hope and strength in the midst of the world's struggle-- is uncontrollable and… Continue reading Sermon: The Thirteenth Day of Christmas

Counting the Unaccountable

It's that glorious time of year when United Methodist Churches hunt down, compile, and report their statistics for the year. For a growing number of us, this is now part of a larger system of reporting of statistics year round, designed to help us measure our churches' "Vital Signs" (part of the Vital Congregations program).… Continue reading Counting the Unaccountable