Sermon: Mighty Bright

“Mighty Bright”

(December 18, 2011 – Fourth Sunday of Advent) Christ’s birth brings the light of joy to the world– but joy is not a surface-level happiness. True joy acknowledges the sorrow and pain of life and shines forth anyway, rising up out of our faith and courage. How can we bear the light of joy to one another this Christmas, allowing for the good and the bad of life to be held side by side? (Luke 1:46-55)

In the spirit of holy humor and play, I prefaced the sermon by showing this clip from YouTube.

(due to a recording glitch, the original sermon was lost, and this is an approximate reconstruction)

This is the third sermon in a four-part Advent series, “Light Bearers,” where we explore how we can bear the Light of Christ– the lights of grace, love, justice, and joy— to the world.

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