Open Letter to Eat More Kale

I drew this picture. You can use it if you want. I’ve known local “t-shirt guy” and artist Bo Muller-Moore for a couple of years. Our daughters went to preschool together and are in the same grade (different classes) at school. Bo also volunteers as a driver for Meals on Wheels, which is a program that operates under the umbrella of the non-profit I chair, Just Basics, Inc. I’d have thought that Chick-fil-A’s objection to his trademark was a ridiculous thing anyway, but knowing Bo even the little bit that I do, it only serves to make me feel more self-righteously indignant (what’s that sound? Is it an apple falling near to this tree?).

Now there are lots of great ways to support Bo in his fight to protect his own intellectual property against the objection of a corporate giant, including buying his shirts or making a donation on his website, signing the petition, and passing his story along to everyone you know (sources: NECN, local station WCAX, Huffington Post, Yahoo finance, Public Broadcasting, MSNBC, Christian Science Monitor, Christian Post, and Anderson Cooper 360). But I thought I’d also help by giving him some suggestions for new ideas to silkscreen.

Dear Bo,

I’ve come up with a few more ideas for t-shirts. I think you should trademark them now:

  • Nobody calls me Chikin
  • I’m Pro-Bo!
  • CSA > C-f-A
  • Save a (genetically modified) chicken; eat more kale.
  • Confuse Anderson Cooper: eat more kale.
  • got kale?
  • I tried to shut down a humble, one-man company, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.

I promise not to sue you for taking my ideas, but I’d like a free shirt out of the deal.

Keep up the fight, Bo; your community is beside you!


The images and text ideas contained in this post are intended as satire and to make a political statement. As parody, they are not meant to infringe on the trademark or copyright of any company, including but not limited to Chick-fil-A, Universal/Back to the Future, the Dairy Association, CNN/AC360, Big Idea/VeggieTales, or Eat More Kale.

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