Life happens

Bless me, blogosphere, for I have sinned.

Great, gulping sins of omission. I have been a negligent blogger, and have failed to write about a great many wonderful and interesting things.

On the flip side, I’ve been a very good mommie (and new auntie as well!). And now I’m a mommie who has a kid in school and a kid who is (finally!) in daycare three days a week, and I can begin to build a working and workable routine again.

It’s my goal to upload my sermons by the end of the day the Monday after they are preached (Tuesday at the latest), and to post at least one non-sermon reflection at some point during the week.

Topics on my mind, to which you can look forward in the days and weeks ahead, include:

– my thoughts, belatedly, on the occupy movement and religious responses thereto

– my experience as a delegate preparing to attend her first United Methodist General Conference, and various and sundry reflections on the process, the legislation, and the mass amounts of spam mail

– as a sub-topic, I may very belatedly join the conversation about the UMC Call to Action report, although others have been pretty thorough

– why I signed and standby a statement saying that I am prepared to marry any couple (regardless of the genders of the parties) who comes to me seeking a Christian marriage and determined to be ready through our meetings together, and why I see this as an act not of ecclesial disobedience, but of spiritual and covenantal obedience

– my new-found love of the Martial Art of Taekwondo, and why it has become for me a spiritual practice

And then, you know, there’s some holiday or other on the horizon, and I’m sure life will continue to happen. So much better than the alternative.

Be richly and beautifully blessed, and take note of it especially in this season of giving thanks!

2 thoughts on “Life happens”

  1. Good to see you out there once again! The great photo of your kids confirms that as a pastor you have your priorities straight. The warmth that we experienced at Trinity shines through them. Blessings to you, your family and your ministry.

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