Spiritual but not religious, part the millionth.

In response to the whole “spiritual but not religious” conversation (links within my link), I just want to say exactly what Pam said.

That, and the funeral home in town sends all the grieving “spiritual but not religious” families to me for memorial services, and it’s all sacred to me.

2 thoughts on “Spiritual but not religious, part the millionth.”

  1. Maybe it’s also a question of personal vocation. I think it’s great that you get all the “spiritual but not religious” funerals in your area. I also wouldn’t be much of a hospital Chaplain if I told folk “Oh, you’re spiritual but not religious? You know what? I just can’t be bothered with you.”

    But the teacher is right to challenge folk to get with a tradition, to consider why that tradition has a history and why it has given meaning to millions and to generations. And the teacher is right to tell folk that they just might want to consider that “make it up as you go along” isn’t actually better or more wise than learning from community.

  2. I’ve always felt it would be a special blessing to be able to minister to “spiritual but not religious” because it is an opportunity to learn why they need a funeral or a wedding blessed by a church they don’t attend or believe is important

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