Sermon: Is the Lord Among Us?

"Is the Lord Among Us?" (September 25, 2011) After experiencing the miracles of God's deliverance, the pilgrim people of Israel are quick to quarrel and question God's presence with them. We can understand their question, however, as we might often wonder, honestly, if God is present with us, and if we are present with God. … Continue reading Sermon: Is the Lord Among Us?

Sermon: As We Forgive

"As We Forgive" (September 18, 2011) Jesus teaches us to forgive extravagantly, but that s a difficult task to live into. Like so many of God's commandments to us, however, it is not only the right thing to do, but the healthy thing for us, since carrying a grudge hurts us far more than the… Continue reading Sermon: As We Forgive