Sermon-ish Thing: The True Act of God

As Hurricane Irene stomped her way up through Vermont on Sunday, people in Montpelier were urged to stay in their homes if possible, and my lay leader, guest preacher, and I made the decision to cancel the worship service at Trinity UMC. I did, however, record a video message and upload it to the church's… Continue reading Sermon-ish Thing: The True Act of God

Sermon: Rock and Roll

"Rock and Roll" (August 21, 2011) We have perhaps always assumed that Jesus is speaking only to Peter in this passage, but what if the words are meant for us as well? What if we too are called to be a rock on which Christ builds the church, the one who are entrusted with the… Continue reading Sermon: Rock and Roll

Sermon: Stepping Out in Faith

"Stepping Out in Faith" (August 7, 2011) Peter responds to Jesus' invitation and steps out of the boat into the water, only to find himself beginning to sink. We can relate to that, because sometimes when we try to move forward, we find ourselves sinking instead. However, like Peter, if we call out to Christ,… Continue reading Sermon: Stepping Out in Faith