Sermon: Look Up!

"Look Up!" (June 26, 2011) In this incredibly challenging passage, Abraham follows what he believes are God's instructions and prepares to sacrifice his son. At the last moment, however, he looks up and sees another way that God is providing for him. Where are the places where we are called to widen our vision, to… Continue reading Sermon: Look Up!


Sometimes I get really frustrated with people talking about the biblical definition of marriage. Nowhere does the bible define marriage in anything like what we might consider a modern understanding. In acknowledgment of that, and in celebration of this week's steps forward for the glbt community, I began tweeting reasons why my marriage does not… Continue reading #mymarriageisnotbiblical

While you were out, heterosexism imploded.

Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it didn't stop me from crowing it at my husband this week. First, in Wisconsin, the United Methodist Church tried another clergyperson on the charges of 1. being gay and 2. marrying a gay couple. On the first charge, Rev. Amy DeLong was found not guilty of… Continue reading While you were out, heterosexism imploded.