Sermon: To the Pasture

“To the Pasture!”

(May 15, 2011) We are so ready to hear Jesus tell us that he is the Good Shepherd that we sometimes miss what he says first: he is the Gate. How does it change our focus if we see Jesus not only as the one who helps us through transitions, but as the opportunity, opening, or change itself? Might it help us get beyond lives of safety in the sheep pen, and out into the abundant life of the pasture? (John 10:1-10, Psalm 23)

Sermon starter idea taken from a “Ministry Matters” blog, but because that website has a pretty poor user interface for any Sunday but the current one, I can’t find the article again to give it proper credit (It wasn’t this one, but it was related). I’d love to credit the author I read, because it really was inspirational to me. The article was a portion from his (I think) book and talked about “I Am” statements at the beginning of the article. If you find it, let me know!

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