Sermon: Live It.

“Live It.”

(April 24, 2011 – Easter Sunday) Peter and the other disciple approach the tomb in a relatively ordered, measured way, while Mary Magdalene lives the experience and feels more than she seeks to understand. The disciples return to their homes, but Mary goes out to tell the good news. In this story, we see two different ways of approaching faith. While our minds are powerful and wonderful gifts, meeting the risen Christ is a matter of the heart, and not something we can contain, measure, or understand. Are you prepared to simply live it? (John 20:1-18)

Now with shiny new intro! – a gift from friend, listener, and musician/composer Clay Zambo.

Still working on the vocal quality, folks. Sorry about those essssssses, and whatever jumble arises from the congestion and cold meds with which I was contending on Sunday.

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