A week in the life

The United Methodist Reporter has an article this week by staff writer Mallory McCall, where she compiles (abridged) weekly logs of pastoral activity by four different pastors in four different contexts. At least one of those pastors might be familiar to you (two actually, if you count my friend and fellow UM blogger, Jeremy, who… Continue reading A week in the life

Sermon: More Underneath

"More Underneath" (March 20, 2011) Jesus challenges his listeners to find and understand the deeper meaning of his words, the more-than-literal meaning,* especially in this passage where he tells Nicodemus about being born from above (or again). Are we sure that we are going deep enough in our understanding of Jesus? Is it possible that… Continue reading Sermon: More Underneath

poem for a hate group leader

Fred, Fred. One day it'll happen. I don't know when or how, but then none of us ever do. Perhaps you'll be blessed enough to die of old age. Or maybe disease will consume you, or the poison you spew take an inward toll. Or maybe, tragically, a grief-stricken family member at a funeral-turned-protest will… Continue reading poem for a hate group leader