Sermon: God’s Palms

"God's Palms" (February 27, 2011) Jesus tells us not to worry, but so often that is much easier said than done! One reason is that we try to fix the "things" about which we worry, but we do not address the deeper spiritual poverty. We buy the lie that we alone must carry our burdens,… Continue reading Sermon: God’s Palms

Sermon: Secret Choice C

"Secret Choice C" (February 20, 2011) Jesus teaches a third way of nonviolence that is neither retaliation nor passivity. With creativity, compassion, courage, and challenge, Jesus teaches us to choose the way that preserves and promotes humanity-- ours, and that of the other. (Matthew 5:38-48) In which a member of the congregation demonstrates how to… Continue reading Sermon: Secret Choice C

Sermon: End of the Rope

"End of the Rope" (February 6, 2011) The beatitudes ("blessed are the...") can lend themselves to some difficult interpretation sometimes, as we struggle to see how Jesus could call poverty or persecution a blessing. A new reading of the passage, however, brings perhaps a new light, and reminds us that when we are at the… Continue reading Sermon: End of the Rope