Sermon: Pass the Salt

"Pass the Salt" (January 30, 2011) Over the course of human history, we have tried time and again to figure out what God might want from us, but the prophets of Israel bring a message that is abundantly clear: what God wants is not our empty rituals or our half-hearted (or worse, mean-hearted) fasts and… Continue reading Sermon: Pass the Salt

Sermon: Cast Off

"Cast Off" (January 23, 2011) When Jesus calls the disciples, they leave everything behind-- nets, boats, livelihood, loved ones-- to follow him. We may not like to think of it, but every choice to follow a calling or a path is a choice to leave some things and some people behind. What have you given… Continue reading Sermon: Cast Off

Of darkness and discourse, culpability and connection

I try to refrain from being overtly political on my blog, but politics and theology (and ministry especially) are intimately linked, and the attempted murder of a Congresswoman, by definition, is a political issue. These are my rough thoughts following the massacre in Arizona, which took the lives of six people, and wounded 12 more,… Continue reading Of darkness and discourse, culpability and connection