I’m alive

I’m still here, folks!

So, I had a baby (who is now four and a half months old– see photo with his big sister!). Then I went back to work at two churches on September 27. On October 1, half my house (a finished basement) flooded during heavy rains, and we vacated while awaiting professional cleaning. On October 15, it started flooding again, and on October 16, we moved across town to a new house where, since that time, we’ve had some trouble with the heating. All is well now. We have heat, we have hot water, most days the radiators don’t bang too loudly, and a lot of our boxes are unpacked (although there’s still a fair number left to get to).

But my blogging fell by the wayside and my sermon uploading has been sporadic at best.

There are so many things I’d like to write about and blog about, and I even have some drafts saved to open up and add some thoughts and post someday. But just now it’s Advent and I have a large memorial service coming up for a hunter who died out in the woods last week in a sad and freak accident, and Christmas is right around the corner, which is a big deal for any pastor and any mom of two kids, but combining the two makes it a huge thing indeed. Then on the 26th, I will have my last worship service with my dear little church in Plainfield, and bid them farewell. January 1, I will be officially full time in Montpelier, devoting my full professional time and attention to a congregation that I believe has the stuff to thrive and come more and more alive, in the heart of a community struggling to respond to growing needs for those who are poor, unhoused, or marginally housed, and hoping to be the light of Christ in a dimly lit place.

Foolishly, I dare to hope that I’ll have more time to blog in January.

But that’s the hope! Because I do consider this part of my ministry here in Central Vermont, and across the country and around the world, wherever you, dear subscriber, may be logging in.

So please, keep your bookmarks and blog readers where they are,and keep your podcast subscription pointed this way, because I hope and trust that there will be content here someday soon.

And in the mean time, no matter how dark or chaotic or difficult this moment may be, may you pause and see the light of God, shining in the midst of it, born into our world again and again, in the simple, ordinary, extraordinary miracle of life.


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  1. Joy and wonders to you, Becca!

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