Sermon: Why Wait?

"Why Wait?" (November 28, 2010 - advent 1) Isaiah describes what the people are waiting for: God's kin-dom of peace and justice. In casting a vision for the people, Isaiah (and through him, God), teaches us how to cultivate holy anticipation for the things for which we wait. How are we practicing the art of… Continue reading Sermon: Why Wait?

Sermon: Pick Me!

"Pick Me!" (November 21, 2010)  Jesus invites relationship and forgiveness even in his most painful moment, on the cross. In doing so, he reveals to us God's prevenient grace, that is, grace that invites and accepts us before we even know what we are doing. We have a choice: we can align ourselves with this… Continue reading Sermon: Pick Me!

A Call to #OurExamen

In the couple weeks since the #pastors24 project, I've been thinking about how to foster the community and reflection that I experienced during that day. I want to invite you, my colleagues and friends, to an ongoing practice of examen, shared on Twitter with the hashtag #ourexamen. As I wrote in the earlier post: It… Continue reading A Call to #OurExamen