Much appreciation

Hi folks, it’s clergy appreciation month, as the box of chocolates my congregation gave me (and I already finished) reminds me.

I feel very appreciated by the good folks at who are featuring a recent blog post of mine. If you’ve swung on over from there, thanks for stopping by and reading!

To help raise awareness about what clergy do, and to have a lot of fun, my friend and colleague Jeremy is “hosting” a Pastor’s 24 tweetup. That’s the best name I can think of for it anyway. A bunch of ministry-types are going to post on twitter every pastoral action we make in a 24-hour period. Not only will this help combat the old saying that pastors work one hour a week, but it will be very interesting to see the range of ministries that we’re engaging in. On Wednesday, Oct 27 (two days from now), search “#pastors24” on twitter to follow the conversation.

And while it’s great to have chocolate (thanks guys!) and tweetups and a special month, I really do love my vocation, and I so appreciate having the opportunity to do it. Sometimes I can’t believe I get to have a job as rewarding as this. As you’ll see on Wednesday I’m sure, it’s a busy and downright random job, but filled with joy.


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