Sermon: “Silence”

The damsel in (not much) distress and her rescue committee, following a lesson in slowing down.


(June 20, 2010) The translators of the Hebrew Bible aren’t even sure how to describe the sound–or lack thereof– that Elijah encounters as the sound of God’s voice. Translations include “a still, small voice,” “barely a whisper,” “a gentle breeze,” and “the sound of sheer silence.” In part, this could be because we do not know how to recognize or tolerate silence in our lives or in our worship. Instead, we live noise-filled lives, rushing from place to place, and we need to slow down and breathe so we don’t crash (some of us damsels in distress learn these lessons the hard way). (1 Kings 19:1-15a)

what is here recorded as about 15 seconds of silence was actually about five minutes, and it was very peaceful and healing for me at least.

yes, I had a cold or an allergy or whatever.

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